Golden Ratio Wine Club

We're about building a community with like-minded individuals

Welcome to the Golden Ratio Club

Our Golden Ratio Wine Club encompasses the best of Jeanneret. We’re more than just a subscription club, we’re about building a community that appreciates our unique wines. As with our winemaking philosophy, which is to create the best, most expressive and delicious wines we can, our wine club philosophy is to create the best club we possibly can by providing what we believe are our very best wines.


Each six-bottle case is hand selected by Ben Jeanneret and the team, and features new release wines, back vintage wines, or those currently drinking exceptionally well. You might also receive an exclusive wine from our cellar, giving you ultimate bragging rights!

The Process

Our process is simple...

Select your preferred wine pack and complete your registration.

We’ll ship out your 6 bottle cases four times per year; March, June, September and December.

Enjoy the wines and perks of being a member!

Share your thoughts, food pairing experiences within our community (optional but highly recommended!)

The Perks

  • INVITATIONS to Wine Club events.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to limited release and museum wine.
  • PRIORITY access to new release wines.
  • MEMBER PRICES including 15% off takeaway cellar door sales and online.
  • FREE DELIVERY on all subscription packs and additional orders of 12 bottles or more.
  • FLEXIBILTY to swap over wine packs at any time.
  • FREE MEMBERSHIP with no on-going fees.

The Packs

Cutoff for the December 2023 editions
Riesling Riot
6 bottles

Riesling Riot is package perfect for Riesling fans. This six bottle package always consists of our classic Riesling, Big Fine Girl plus some of our single vineyard Rieslings. Occasionally you'll find a unique back vintage Riesling from our Barrel Shed hand selected by Ben Jeanneret.

$145.00 Quarterly
Fibonacci Selection
6 bottles

In each pack you'll find a handpicked selection of wines, wines that are currently our favourites, the wines we crack open after work or showcase with our friends and family. These wines are often new release wines, or wines currently drinking exceptionally well. You’ll find a mix of whites and reds although we do hand select wines suited to the season.

$130.00 Quarterly
Barrel Shed Indulgence
6 bottles

Barrel Shed Indulgence is exactly as it sounds, Ben and the team carefully handpicks a selection of wines including something unique straight from the cellars giving you ultimate bragging rights. In addition, you’ll also find our favourite white and red Jeanneret wines. A perfect selection for those who appreciate great wine and enjoy being adventurous.

$160.00 Quarterly
Rouge Exclusive
6 bottles

Rouge Exclusive is the ideal package for those exclusively requesting red wines only, of which are carefully hand selected by Ben and the team. These wines are often new release wines, or wines currently drinking exceptionally well. A perfect selection for those who appreciate and enjoy great red wines.

$160.00 Quarterly

The FAQs

More questions? Visit our FAQ section.