DOOZIE was the best!


Here at Jeanneret we absolutely enjoy hearing stories and wine experiences from our customers. Receiving an email from Steven based in Queensland was no exception!


The Probus Club of Pelican Waters Queensland has a wine appreciation group called Peli-Vin-Ex (“wine explorers”), which meets monthly at a members house to “explore” 2-3 wines presented by the host in a blind tasting. The challenge being, for the guests, to name the wines.

At the March 2019 meet, the host, Steve, presented three Rhine Rieslings of varying ages from Eden Valley, Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills and told the group that the emphasis was on bottle aged wine characteristics.

To heighten the experience and enhance the wines a selection of accompanying foods are also presented. In the case of the March meet, the foods offered were, monster oysters garnished with minced rockmelon and fresh squeezed lime juice and seared scallops served with an Asian dressing and a dash of sesame oil.

Probus Club of Pelican Waters appreciation group


The Eden Valley was from Peter Lehmann and the Adelaide Hills from Shaw and Smith.

The wine with the most, up front, bottle aged characteristics was the Doozie and its flavours were magnificent. When matched with the oysters, the salt, sour and sweet flavours and creaminess complemented and enhanced the wine and created another level of magnificence. When matched with the scallops, the searing, the spices and the toasted nuttiness of the sesame oil created a taste sensation.

Several members identified the variety but none could name the winery.

When advised that Jeanneret winery was on our list of wineries to visit during our group South Australian wine tour in October 2019, they were delighted beyond measure. All three wines were judged as very good to excellent and it was unanimous… 

DOOZIE was the best.


We thank Steven for including our 2010 Doozie into the monthly tasting and to all the Peli-Vin-Ex members who appreciate Doozie as much as we do. We’re looking forward to hosting you later this year at our Cellar Door and Beer Garden.