Say hello to… Dianne!

Our ‘Say hello to’ series continues with Dianne, the Oracle and backbone of Jeanneret! Dianne has been with us for 10 wonderful years, so we thought you should know Dianne a little better…

In the weekends, you’ll find me…

In the garden when the weather is fine, indoors stitching when in its not.


What’s the best kept secret in the Clare Valley?

Terroir Restaurant in Auburn, though it’s not really a secret… Their menu is ever changing with a strong focus on local, seasonal produce and their desserts are always delicious!


Which celebrity would play you in ‘Jeanneret : The Movie’?

Kath Day-Knight because she understands the importance of Woine Toime! (We’d have to change her wine preference from car-donnay to Riesling though…)


What’s your secret talent / party trick?

I’m known to recall useless pieces of trivia! Sometimes I often think ‘how on earth did I know that and why did my brain think it was necessary to retain that piece of information?’


If you could only drink one Jeanneret wine, which one would it be and why?

At the moment it is the 2016 Jeanneret Rosé  – it is so easy to drink – each glass makes you want more! A perfect summer wine…